2016/9422 Annex to the Decision on Import Regime (11.11.2016 T. 29885 RG)

2016/9422 Annex to Decision on Import Regime

29885 RG)

Number of Decisions: 2016/9422

Decision no. 95/7606 dated 20/12/1995.

Attachment of the ‘Additional Decree on Import Regime Decision’ put into force; On the letter of the Ministry of Economy dated 5/10/2016 and numbered 107466, the 1st of the Law No. 1567 dated 20/2/1930, No. 2 of the Law No. 474 dated 14/5/1964, Law No. 3283 dated 6/5/1986 2 nci was decided on 17/10/2016 by the Council of Ministers according to the provisions of Law No. 4458 dated 27/10/1999 and Act No. 2976 dated 2/2/1984 with the provisions of 16th, 22nd and 55th articles.


ARTICLE 1 – (1) Additional customs duties shall be levied on the importation of the items specified in the attached list II attached to the Import Regime Decision, which is put into force by the Decision of the Council of Ministers dated 20/12/1995 and numbered 95/7606, and attached tablado customs tariff position (GTP) and name.

ARTICLE 2 – (1) Additional customs tax rates to be collected under this Decree are shown in the attached table.

(2) The total tax rate calculated in any case (the customs duty in the list II annexed to the Import Regime Decision and the sum of the additional customs tax to be taken under this Decision) shall not exceed the 50% increase in the rates indicated in the Law on Customs Tariff Schedule No. 474. In case of exceeding, a 50% increase in the rates indicated in the Law 474 shall apply.

(3) Additional customs duties shall be collected separately from customs administrations, customs duties imposed on imports and other financial obligations, and recorded on the general budget.

(4) Procedures and provisions, subject to customs duty, shall apply to the additional customs duty covered by this Decision.

ARTICLE 3 –(1) Additional customs tax shall be levied on the rate specified in the “Other Countries” column of the European Union and the non-Turkish origin of the person who is present at the attached table and imported in the presence of the A.TR movement document. However, no additional customs duties shall be levied on the expiration of preferential origin of the country originating in a cross-country cumulation system within the framework of free trade agreements to which Turkey is party.

(2) In the application of this Decision the importer is responsible for the correct declaration of the origin of the article.

(3) In case the products in the attached table are imported as a processed product after being imported within the Under-Processing Regime, the provisions of this Decision shall not apply to the calculation of the compensatory tax, if any.

(4) If the goods under the scope of this Decree are exported to the Member States of the European Union by issuing the A.TR movement document under customs supervision by tax collection over the customs duty rate on the lists of the items related to the Import Regime Decision, no additional customs tax shall apply.

(5) Country and country groups specified in the columns for additional customs tax are the country and country groups defined in the Import Regime Decision. Amendments to the column headings in the list II attached to the Import Regime Decision shall also apply to this Decision.

(6) In the event that the entry under this Decision is also included in the list attached to the Decision of the Import Regime, additional customs duties shall not apply.

ARTICLE 4 –(1) The Ministry of Economy is authorized to issue notices related to the subjects contained in this Decision, and to examine and conclude specific and obligatory cases.

PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1 – (1) If a customs declaration relating to the import of a loaded shipment is issued within a period of 45 days from the date of the publication of this Decision, the provisions of this Decision shall not apply.

ARTICLE 5 – (1) This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of its publication.

ARTICLE 6 – (1) The provisions of this Decision shall be executed by the Minister of Economy.

 Table 2.

GTPArticle nameAdditional Customs Tax Rate (%) *
3213.10.Painting, Education and Poster Paints, Colors Modifier Paints: As a team000014141414
3213.90Other Tablet, Tube, Jar Etc. Packed Picture, Poster etc. paints000014141414
3506.10Glue And Adhesive; Retail Weight <1 Kg.000025252525
3701.91Movies Used for Color Photography000025252525
3701.99Other Films Used in Photography; Null000025252525
3923.10Boxes, boxes, boxes and boxes made of plastic. Goods000025252525
3923.21Bag and Bags from Ethylene Polymers (Including Cones)000025252525
3923.29Other Plastic Bags, Bags, Pins000025252525
3926.10Plastic School and Office Supplies000025252525
4817.20Letter Cards, Photo Cards and Communication Cards000025252525
4817.30.Paper / Cardboard Boxes, Bags Vb Other Envelopes …000025252525
4819.10Corrugated Paper / Cardboard Boxes & Enclosures000025252525
4819.20Folding Box-Folds Without Cardboard / Cardboard000025252525
4819.30Bag and Bags; Base Width => 40 Cm000025252525
4819.40Other Bags And Bags (Including Cones)000025252525
4819.50.Packaging Boxes (Including Plaque Bags)000025252525
4819.60.Office, Dükkan Vb Documents Used in Places Classification, Letter Boxes Etc.000025252525
4820.10.Notebooks Register, Account, Note, Receipt, Agendas, Memories Books000025252525
4820.30Folders, Binders, File Liners And Covers000025252525
4820.40.Multi-Faceted Business Forms, Carbon 2nd Copy000025252525
4820.50.Collections and Albums’ Albums000025252525
4820.90Paper / Cardboard Other Office / Stationary Goods, Notebook Etc.000025252525
4821.10Paper / Cardboard Printed Labels000025252525
4821.90Paper / Nonprinted Labels on Cardboard000025252525
4823.40Diagram Sheets for Recorders (Coil, Layer / Disc)000015151515
4823.90Paper Hamper, Paper, Cardboard Based Other Goods000022222222
4909.00.Printed / Picture Postcards, Greeting Cards, Invitations Etc.000025252525
4910.00Printed Calendar000025252525
4911.10Commercial Advertisements Publications, Catalogs000025252525
8304.00File Boxes From Ordinary Metals, Vouchers, Classification And Discrimination Boxes Vs.000025252525
8305.10Mechanisms for attaching paper for files, folders and volumes000025252525
8305.20Staple Tray in Ribbon000025252525
8305.90.Paper Raptors, Paper Angles etc. Office goods000025252525
9608.10.Ball-tipped Pens000023232323
9608.20.Felt Tip / Other Pore Tip Fonts and Markers000023232323
9608.30.Ink Pens: Stylers And Other Fountain Pens000025252525
9608.40.Stuffed Pencils000022222222
9608.50.Ball, Felt Tip, Ink Vd Pen Tools000023232323
9608.60Spare Tips for Ball Bearing000025252525
9608.91Writing Pencil Tips And Sticks000011111111
9608.99Pencil Handles, Parts of Pencils000025252525
9609.10Lead Pencil, Lead Paint Pens000025252525
9609.20.Black / Colored Pencil Lead000025252525
9609.90Pastel, Coal Pen, Writing-Drawing Chalk, Tailor Chalk000025252525
9610.00Slate Stone / Other Maddeden Text / Picture Board000025252525
9611.00.Hand Date Stamp, Stamp, Numerator, Stamp Stamp Etc. Goods000025252525
9612.10Writing Machine Strips000025252525
9612.20Stamp on000025252525
: EU Member States, EFTA Countries, Israel, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Morocco, West Bank and Gaza Strip, Tunisia, Egypt, Georgia, Albania, Jordan, Chile, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Moldova To be valid from now); 2nd : South Korea; 3: Mauritius; 4: Malaysia; 5: Countries to be Benefited from the Generalized Preferences System; 6: Least Developed Countries; 7: Countries to Benefit from Special Incentive Regulations; 8: Countries in the Development Path; 9: Other countries.