Which Barcode Label Should I Use?

When we determine what we need properly, it will be easy and trouble-free to reach the destination. First of all, we have to decide on the top material of our code. In many options, we need to clarify exactly what application we will use to make this happen. For logistic and address labeling, we prefer thermal labels that are shorter in use. If the distance and time are to be long, we should definitely prefer more durable labels that our texts and bar code application will not be damaged. If product labeling is going to be done, it is very important where the product will be found. We may prefer labels with a water-resistant plastic surface or glossy labels with a paper surface. If fixture labeling is done, we prefer long-lasting silver mat. We should definitely choose a label on the polypropylene surface to make an application for chemicals. Secondly, we have to make an adhesive preference after the top surface. Normal acrylic adhesives are ideal for product labeling, and for package labeling, we should definitely choose holtmelt adhesive. Again, glass surface or wooden surfaces for easy removable, non-marking nonperm adhesive will be suitable. Carpets, Fabrics, Rubber Barre sticker preference for label applications. It will be an aggressive adhesive solution with high strength. For products to be kept in freeze we prefer dip-stick adhesive.