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Intermec PC43t Screened Barcode Printer

Fastest bar code label printer in its class

If you want to get a barcode printer on your desktop, check the specifications of intermec pc43t, it will be enough for you to decide!

Intermec PC43t masaüstü barkod yazıcılar
Argox OS-214 masaüstü barkod yazıcılar

Argox OS-214 Plus Barcode Printer

Supports PPLA and PPLB languages

Parallel (LPT) and USB communication port options and the economical price, it can be easily integrated into many applications!

Honeywell PC42t masaüstü barkod yazıcılar

Honeywell PC42t Barcode Printer

Extremely compact and easy to use

Quiet, reliable operation and intuitive design make the industry fit right for various PC42t light duty labeling applications!

Zebra GC 420t masaüstü barkod yazıcılar

Zebra GC 420t Barcode Printer

Sharp and high quality barcode

It is very convenient to use and with low maintenance cost, it will save you time with high performance when you need it!

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TypeIntermec Pc43tArgox Os-214plusZebra Gc420tHoneywell Pc42t
Baskı Metoddirek  termal&ribbondirek termal&ribbondirek termal&ribbondirek termal&ribbon
EkranLCD / Icon
Çözünürlük203 dpi / 8 dot203 dpi / 8 dot203 dpi / 8 dot203 dpi / 8 dot
Baskı Eni104 mm 105 mm 104 mm104 mm
 Baskı Uzunluğu1727 mm1092 mm 991 mm1727 mm
 Baskı Hızı203,2 mm / saniye 102 mm / saniye102 mm / saniye102 mm / saniye
 Bellek128MB Flas, 128MB SDram4MB Flas, 8MB Dram8MB Flas, 8MB SDram64MB Flas, 64MB SDram
 SensörHareketliSabitSabit Sabit
 Ribbon Uzunluğu300 mt ve 91 mt 91 mt 74 mt300 mt ve 74 mt
 Tasarım ProgramıBarTenderBarTenderZebraDesignerBarTender
 Arayüz BağlantıSeri RS232,USB V2.0,ParalelSeri RS232, USB, Paralel Seri RS232, USB V1.1, ParalelSeri RS232,USB V2.0,Paralel
Ebatlar182 x 210 x 281 mm186 x 165 x 278 mm173 x 201 x 239 mm297 x 226 x 177 mm
Ağırlık2,7 KG2 KG1.50 KG 2,5 KG
Garanti SüresiThermal Kafa  Hariç, 2 YILThermal Kafa Hariç, 2 YILThermal Kafa Hariç, 2 YILThermal Kafa Hariç, 2 YIL
Fiyat285 $ + KDV 175 $ + KDV265 $ + KDV175 $ + KDV

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