Barcode Label Solutions Special to All Sectors

Logistics Label Solutions

The efficiency of your transportation and logistics company is achieved through perfect barcoding and labeling. In order to have exact solutions for air, land or sea transportation, It is very important to determine your requirements correctly. Thanks to our custom label solutions designed for every logistics category, it can speed up productivity, profitability and delivery processes. Discover the logistics solutions offered by Egen Barcode.

Logistics Label Solutions

Product Barcode Label Solutions

Creating quality products, ensuring quality control in all processes from warehouse entry to shipment of raw materials is possible with correct barcoding and labeling. Different solutions are needed for all sectors. The correct determination of the need will prevent time and financial losses. Examine our solutions with Egen Barcode expertise.

Manufacturing Technology Solutions

Retail Store Label Solutions

Being able to obtain customer satisfaction in retailing, we need the right barcode applications to provide continuity in service and quality, stock follow up, purchase and order tracking and price labeling. Different and specific solutions may be required for each product. Sticky or non-sticky labels, barcode printers, mobile printers, shelf barcode labels, etc. .. Review our solutions..

retail barcode solutions

 Health and Medicine Barcode Label Solutions

We need real experience and knowledge for barcode label applications such as blood labels, drug labels, laboratory analysis labels that we vitalize. Examine solutions offered by Egen Barkod for barcode and label applications witch the healthcare industry may need.

Hospitality Technology Solutions

Automotive and Spare Parts Label Solutions

Labels utilized as a part of the automotive industry have to be tough to stand up to the harsh environments where they are utilized, however that doesn’t mean they can’t look great as well. Egen Barcode provides automotive labels that can withstand demanding environments such as temperature extremes and exposure to such liquids as brake fluid, engine oil and screen wash.

automotive spare parts label solutions

Security Label Solutions

Manufacturers over the world use security labels and packaging solutions to safeguard goods from tampering, counterfeiting and diversion. Security labels not only authenticate products for consumers, but they also protect the company’s brand and revenues in the marketplace as well as monitor products as they travel through the supply chain. Boost your security measures with Egen Barcode labeling solutions.

security label solutions

Iron and Steel Industry Label Solutions

Specialised, high performance tags and labels to identify and track metals during production, processing and distribution. Egen Barcode offers a specialist range of high-performance tags and labels for metal to endure the processes and harsh environments associated with the global Steel, Metals and Engineering industries.

rolling steel industry label solutions

Wood and Pallet Barcode Label Solutions

From the time a tree is cut and ripped into wood planks, sawmill and lumber companies need barcodes to track and sort their inventory. Efficient lumber grading systems have become critical to make the best use of every piece of wood. As graders sort their stock to prepare it for kiln drying, they now can concisely identify the vendor, the wood species, the age of the wood, the footage, and the quality with durable weatherproof plastic barcode tags. Every time the lumber is moved, those barcodes are scanned, eliminating a lot of cumbersome paperwork. Smooth or rough wood, extreme storage conditions, dry heat, dirty, dusty work environments and more….all present tough issues to overcome. you can Review our solutions

wood pallet barcode labels

Textile Barcode Label Solutions

We offer variable data printing on Textile labels. This includes Barcode Labels, QR Code Labels, Consecutive Number Labels, Thermal Transfer Labels. Textile labels with Variable Data are widely used in the clothing and home textiles industries. Mostly ordered are textile labels with unique serial numbers, for attaching to various products. Another example could be a brand or care label that shows different sizes. For this type of labels we use a combination of printing methods, which allows us to incorporate the changing data into the information or the graphic that remains the same.

textile barcode label solutions

Packaging Label Solutions

You expect consistent, colour-accurate proofs and high-quality, customised labels, printed on-demand. Our digital inkjet printers and presses deliver the best results to help you succeed in the competitive packaging and labelling markets. We have the solutions to help you profit from packaging.

packaging barcode label solutions

Chemical Industry Label Solutions

Warning labels and product branding labels, produced to the highest standard, for chemical drums, containers and bottles. We are a specialist producer of superior quality chemical labels. Our dedicated team provide an expert understanding of all aspects of chemical labelling. Egen barcode offers a complete consultancy service which helps every business remain fully compliant with current chemical labelling legislation.

chemical industry solutions

Electronic Industry Label Solutions

Specially designed for the electronic industry, our electronic industry labels are functional for any project. Egen barcode provides durable materials that endure the high IR & fume phase of solder re-flow, surface mount, and exposure to high temperatures without burning, curling, or damage to the printed output. contact us for more.

electronic industrial barcode solutions

Medicine Label Solutions

As the pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging industry continues to revolutionize with technology, Changing patient care standards and global health systems, Drug labels play an important role in operational efficiency, safety and compliance. Egen Barcode offers solutions that provide the necessary support for blood bag medical labels and similar labels.

pharma & cosmetics barcode solutions

Plant # Seed Label Solutions

It should be made of durable materials such as polytag face stock which is labels produced for plants and suitable for outdoor use Make sure you use a weatherproof ribbon for your thermal printer, while printing information on cookies such as Barcodes, plant care instructions and pricing. Egen barcode serves you with various Plant, Seed Label Solutions.

plant agriculture barcode solutions

Warning # Notice Label Solutions

It provides ways to accurately and efficiently display your Security Labels information. Our wide selections of Attention, Warning and Hazard tags allow you to accurately identify and display the hazard level for each situation. Our labels are suitable for all your electronic and electro-optical needs. These labels work together may carry important information for various hazards such as Arc Flash, Heat or Hot Surfaces, Electrical Shock and High Voltages, Heavy Lifting, Mechanical Precipitations or Tight Points, Radiation Safety, Laser Safety and protective gear states. If your situation requires security labels that are not available in our stock selection, we may offer specific security labels to suit any of your requirements.

roll warning labels

Variable Barcode Label Solutions

Egen Barcode offers variable data and barcode label printing. Variable data can be any unique information from one label to another, such as barcode labels numbered sequentially. Variable data can be text, barcode or graphic. These labels can be used for Asset tracking, serial numbers, transaction labels, pallet labels, warehouse labels, pharmacy labeling and more. The Concert, sports or general tickets needs are part of the variable data printing services offered.

Değişken Barkod Etiket Çözümleri

Asset # Fixed asset Label Solutions

Manage your precious items with durable labels! Bring your assets and property to safety with durable white or preprinted bar code labels. All our tags are being tested intensively and built forever. Asset labels are personalized according to what you need when it’s cost effective, and it respects the material options that are suitable for almost any environment.

asset label solutions