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Blank Barcode Labels

Blank Barcode Label

We offers the best quality Blank labels and supplies with affordable price advantages. Our Blank labels has been qualified for barcode printing in our own label printing operations, and are designed to enhance barcode print quality and durability. Different sizes are available.

Shipping Barcode Labels

Parcel Barcode Labels

With quality barcode printing and strong adhesive label solutions, you can get rid of the labeling dropping problems that your business can live with thanks to Egen Barcode Label solutions for parcel barcode labeling applications

Fluorescent Barcode Labels

Fluorescent Barcode Label

Fluorescent labels can get noticed faster and much more than regular labels, so Fluorescent labels can help capture the attention of your customers as well as provide warnings for dangerous materials. Our materials are vivid, bright-colored materials with our standard permanent adhesive. Each fluorescent colored material is laser and inkjet printable.

Pharmacy Barcode Labels

Pharmacy Barcode Labels

Absolutely getting the right pharmaceutical to the consumer is more important than ever in the pharmacy. Our bright white, laminate, ultra-smooth paper labels ensure safety and effectiveness in medicine processing.

Scales Barcode Labels

Scales Barcode Labels

The Thermal scale barcode labels wıtch are used at supermarkets, greengroce stores, butcher stores in supermarkets, with high quality thermal surface and strong adhesive are available in Egen Barcode in different sizes.

Shelf Barcode Labels

Shelf Barcode Label

Racks need sturdy, long-lasting labels. Shelf labels are often white for good contrast with special color coding and arrows. Retro-Reflective Label Materials are also commonly used because they are needed for long-distance barcode scanning.

Security Barcode Labels

Security Barcode Label

Protect your valuable property against theft with egen Barcode Security barcode Labels. These tamper-evident labels can include custom text, and a barcode or serialized number in order to allow easy identification of your prized property.

Jewelery, Glasses Barcode Labels

Jewelery, Glasses Barcode Label

Jewellery and glasses labels are designed specifically to wrap around different types of jewelry without damaging them. The usual shapes of jewellery labels are butterfly, dumbbell, or rat-tail of which the center part of the tail or dumbbell is made non-adhesive to avoid the glue stain left on your jewellery items. All of our labels are made of a durable synthetic material that will resist moisture and cleaning chemicals. jewellery labels are available in different sizes and material types.

Asset Barcode Labels

Asset Barcode Label

Egen Barcode offers durable polyester asset labels witch are great for tagging just about anything, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, and resistant to excessive temperature, sunlight, and chemical exposure. Asset labels are available in different sizes according to your erquest.

Food & Nutrition Barcode Labels

Food & Nutrition Barcode Labels

Egen Barcode’s white high gloss labels come in blank sheets wiyh different sizes that allow you to print them using an inkjet or laser printer, as well as in roll label. Our labels are greatly water-resistant as well as ply-able, making them perfect for using on products that will be exposed to dampness.

Tyre Barcode Labels

Tyre Barcode Label

Egen Barcode offers high quality an strong self-adhesive tyre labels suitable for rough and difficult surfaces, our Tyre Labels possess high barrier penetration of components within the rubber substrates. Also, they remain free from staining under normal storage conditions. Further, Tyre Labels are highly resistant against various additives, chemicals and plasticisers.

Plant & Flowers Barcode Labels

Plant & Flowers Barcode Label

Tags and labels suitable for outdoor use as plant stakes, lumber tags and nursery tags must be made of durable materials. Our planet labels are able to handle exposure to all types of weather conditions plus direct sunlight and constant watering. Our poly-tag material can stand up to the job plus you can print variable information on-site.

Iron and Steel Barcode Labels

Iron and Steel Barcode Labels

egen Barcode provides High temperature steel labels witch are mainly for steel, foundry, aluminum and other high temperature industries digitized identification label design and production. steel labels can be used at very high temperature environment and resist the influence of various additives, fused and cleaners, acids, oil, latex and other chemicals, it is to ensure maintaining excellent performance in a variety of extreme harsh environment.

Laboratory Barcode Labels

Laboratory Barcode Labels

Egen Barcode Laboratory barcode Labels handle extreme conditions such as cryonics freezing up to -200 °C, rigorous chemicals, stains and solvents like xylene or acetone. Not only must a label adhesive hold up, but so must the printed information as that conveys critical product, patient or testing information that you simply must not lose!

Glass, Wood Barcode Labels

Glass, Wood Barcode Label

Egen Barcode offers Removable barcode labels for lumber and glass applications. Stain or adhesive can not be released when the label is removed.
Our lumber and glass barcode labels and label material are ideal for outdoor identification of logs to tracking finished products right to the retail counter. We provide printing labels and tags to any size and include barcodes, text, colour, logos and graphics.

Carpet, Fabric Barcode Labels

Carpet, Fabric Barcode Label

Self-adhesive carpet and fabric barcode labels with strong and durable adhesive offer a cheap and very durable labeling solution for carpets and fabric. We can print carpet and fabric barcode labels in veriable sizes and deliver them on rolls.