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codeLINE  Glass, Wood Surface Barcode Labels

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Glossy Paper Nonperm Label

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When Glossy Paper Nonperm Label is trying to shave, it has an adhesive to out with the label. Instead of adhering to the surface, the removable adhesive adheres to the sticker and leaves the surface clean, at the same time it does not leave sticky traces and raw material traces, so it is one of the suitable options for Glass, Wood Surface Barcode Labels.

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Fastyre Labels

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Fastyre Labels is usually used where labels are produced in large volumes. It is ideal for applying Tyre & Barrel Barcode Labels and Wooden Surfaces due to the presence of a special, durable adhesive on its surface and the firm adherence to even rough, rough surfaces. The Fastyre Labels has a tear-off feature and is suitable for ribbons printing. The adhesive side is painted with metallic gray color and the upper side is coated with glossy or wellum paper.

polipropilen barcode labels

Polypropylene Barcode Label

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plastic based and tear proof, water and moisture are not affected Ideal for outdoor applications. Resin ribbon printing and your bar code prints show durability against to frictional and chemicals. You can prefer to Chemical Labels, Product Labels, Food Labels.

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Adhesive Options; Adhesive Type

You can determine the adhesive type to which your applications can be productive for Eco Thermal, Lamine Thermal, Coated, Opaque, Vellum label materials that you will prefer You can match adhesive material with desired top material. EGEN BARCODE can produce with raw material according to your preference.

hotmelt barcode labels

Permanent Adhesive, Rubber , Hotmelt

Rubber based hotmelt adhesive, is a robust and permanent adhesive option for hard surfaces. You can choose for box labeling applications, rough surface labeling applications and outdoor durability applications.

removable barcode labels

Permanent Adhesive, Removable, Water borne

The Removable Labels are a sticky adhesive that can be removed comfortably from the glued surface and does not leave marks. It is a kind of label adhesive that can be removed easily when it is adhered to glass surface label applications such as wet wipes open, cover labels, wood surface sizing label applications.