Barcode printer accessories

Increase barcode scanner efficienyc with our portfolio of accessories

These versatile barcode printer accessories, as well as platen rollers, label wrappers, cutters, mobile printer accessories, printer head cleaning products and Service maintenance packages, will help Printers customize for optimum efficiency and convenience.

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platen roller Barcode Printer Accessories

Platen Rollers

A platen roller is a vital printer component that helps create the optimum amount of pressure to drive labels through the printer, ensuring clean and crisp printouts. Zebra platen rollers and platen roller repairs kits will help ensure continued top-notch printer performance and avoid costly downtime. A worn or damaged platen roller should be replaced or repaired immediately.

thermal printheads Barcode Printer Accessories

Thermal Printheads

Zebra printhead replacement products deliver quality, reliability and performance. The printhead is a vital printer component that creates the image on the face of the media. Worn or damaged printheads should be replaced immediately. Every Zebra printhead is easy to install, and made to exacting engineering standards for continued reliability and performance from your printer.

label rewinder Barcode Printer Accessories

Label Rewinders

Label rewinders from Zebra help you with pre-printing tasks. Label rewinders allow you to pre-print labels with static information first. After a fast, secure and tight rewind, a second run of variable data through the printer completes the job.

cutter Barcode Printer Accessories


The cutter option on the printer allows a user to print and cut labels in batches or as individually controlled cuts based on the application needs. A Cutter Module is mounted on the front of the printer and contains a cutter drive motor. When signaled to cut, the drive motor causes a V blade to enter and exit the media path resulting in the cutting action. The Cutter Option can be field or factory installed. It must be installed by a Zebra Authorized Technician.

Mobile Barcode Printer Accessories

Mobile Barcode Printer Accessories

You rely on mobile printers to increase employee productivity and accuracy. In seconds, without running to a central location, employees can print exactly what they need, on demand.
Whether you’re printing labels, receipts or tickets or leveraging Zebra’s broad range of accessories such as batteries, chargers and cradles or carrying options; our solutions will help to make your entire operation faster, more flexible and more reliable even in harsh or demanding environments.

printhead cleaning products

PrinterHead Cleaning Products

Keep printhead cleaning kits on hand to perform regular maintenance and ensure optimum performance. Regular printhead cleaning reduces replacement costs by extending the life of your printhead. From removing tough abrasions to simple touch-ups, Zebra printhead cleaning supplies are an easy way to ensure you get the best quality and the longest life from your printer.

service packs

Service Packs

If your product needs to be repaired, Egen Barcode, offers repair services Under warranty, Under a service agreement or for time and material based fees.