Epson Color Label Printers


The High quality printing speed, which reaches 103 mm in the sec!

You can add high-quality, custom color printing to your labels, tickets and name tags. With a high quality print speed of up to 103 mm at the top and separate pigmented ink cartridges, you can save time and money outsourcing label production by printing labels on demand.


Reliable and cost-effective

The C7500 offers a perfect solution for short-run color label printing. The producers will now be able to produce their labeling needs with superior speed and quality in a reliable and cost-effective manner within the enterprise. The C7500 helps shorten and eliminate the costs associated with pre-printing by producing short-lived and customized labels on demand.​

Scope of application

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Pharmacy and Health

Colors on health labels reduce operational risks for hospitals by providing visual recognition of vital information, but more importantly, better patient care and safety.​

  • Highlight critical patient information​
  • Easily print large volumes
  • Consistent, clear tagging
  • Reduce mistake
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Our fast, reliable and flexible color label solutions can be used in a variety of retail printing applications, ranging from shelf labels and pricing and promotional labels to labels for products made in stores.

  • Increase awareness of products​
  • Highlight product attributes
  • Improved branding
  • Produce special and single labels
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Ticket printing

Now you can print event labels on demand with a personalized marketing message, or you can add a photograph of your visitor over their ID badges, with our handy color label printer.

  • All your control
  • Customized communication
  • Improved visual identification​