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We are proudly to service to various countries of world and also to leading impoter companies of Turkey. So we are growing by gaining more than 2.300 customers’s trust..

Whether you are an industrial company or an informatics company, we know the requirements of your industry and offer customized solutions for you. By constantly following the technology, we are always improving ourselves in the field of barcode label and label printers.

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Barcode Label Solutions

Kauçuk bazlı hotmelt koli barkod etiketi
Logistics Label Solutions

The efficiency of your transport and logistics company is achieved by flawless barcoding and labeling. Accurate determination of the need for real solutions in air, land or sea transport is very important. EGEN BARKOD takes you one step ahead with special logistics label solutions designed for all kinds of transportation methods.

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Product Label Solutions

It is possible to produce quality products, to ensure quality control and follow-up in all processes from the entry of the raw material to the warehouse, and with the correct barcode and labeling. Accurate determination of the need will prevent time and material losses. See our solutions with EGEN BARKOD expertise.

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Retail and Store Label solutions

To obtain customer satisfaction in retail and retailing; service and quality can be made possible by ensuring continuity, so, stock tracking, purchase and sale follow-up, price labeling should be done for the right barcode applications.

Hastane, Hasta Barkod Etiketleri
Health and Hospital Label Solutions

Real time experience and knowledge is needed for barcode label applications such as blood barcode labels, medicine barcode labels, laboratory analysis labels, where time and money are at the forefront. EGEN BARCODE quality service to the health sector.

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Automotive and Spare Parts Label Solutions

Labels commonly used in the automotive industry have to be able to withstand the harsh environments they are in, but that doesn’t mean they won’t look good. Automotive spare parts label solutions from Egen Barkod offer quality labels that can withstand harsh environments such as extreme temperatures, brake fluid, engine oil and screen washing.

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Security Label Solutions

Safety labels not only authenticate products for consumers, but also protect the company’s brand and revenue. Enhance security measures with Egen Barkod’s security label solutions.

Demir, çelik, hadde barkod etiketleri
Iron-Steel Industries Label Solutions

We produce high-performance labels that specialize in identifying and monitoring metals during production, processing and distribution. Egen Barkod offers high performance labels to maintain the processes and challenging conditions associated with the steel metallurgical industries globally.

Ahşap ve Cam Yüzeyler için Barkod Etiket
Wooden and Glass surface Label Solutions

Labels that we produce specially for wooden pallets and other products, timber and wood products, have high print quality, which is resistant to environmental factors, when they adhere to the rough surfaces. Similarly, we produce labels on glass surfaces that can be easily removed without leaving glue sticky marks when they are removed from the surface of the products, as well as labels that do not come off easily.

Tekstil, elbise, kumaş, giyim için barkod etiketi
Textile and Fabric Label Solutions

Barcode labels, QR Code, consecutive number labels, offering variable data prints on textile labels are included. In addition to labels such as size, stock, brand name, we also offer solutions for care and washing instruction labels.

Ürün paket için barkod etiketleme
Packaging Label Solutions

Our digital inkjet printers and prints work best to help you succeed in the competitive packaging and labeling markets. With Egen Barkod packaging label solutions, we have solutions to help you make a profit from packaging.

Varil, Lastik PP Opak Etiket
Label Solutions for Chemical Industry

EGEN BARKOD offers special solutions with the quality and expert point of view of warning labels and product labeling labels produced to the highest standard for metal or plastic barrels, containers and bottles containing chemical products.

Elektrik, elektronik malzemeler için barkod etiketi
Electric-Electronic Label Solutions

We offer instant-static labels specific to the electrical and electronics sector, and special label solutions that will not disturb the electricity and heat in the area. You can get electrical cable labels, electronic circuit labels, labels on the motherboard with EGEN BARKOD quality.

İlaç kutu, şişe için barkod etiketi
Medicine Chest Label Solutions

Labels affixed on the test tubes and medicine boxes used in the laboratory should be resistant to the ambient conditions. EGEN BARKOD produces labels that are resistant to the most demanding conditions and environmental factors in accordance with the needs in the health sector as in every sector.

Yapışkansız Tyvek Bitki çiçek fide etiketi
Plant – Flowers – Agriculture Label Solutions

When printing information on a label such as plant seedling labels and barcodes solutions and plant care instructions and pricing, be sure to use an weather-resistant ribbon for your thermal printer. Egen barcode serves you with various plant label, seedling label solutions.

Warning Label Solutions

Warning, warning, caution, security labels are the labels that we encounter in almost every moment of our lives and we produce as symbols printed by international standards (ISO) and printed on coated or opaque labels. As EGEN BARKOD, we print using high quality paper material considering the importance of the paper material of the labels produced for warning and warning.

Değişken Numaralı Sıralı Barkod Etiket
Numerical Label Solutions

The Egen barcode provides label services that contain any unique information that is different from one label to another, such as barcode labels containing variable data or sequentially numbered barcode labels. Variable data can be text, QR code, or graphics. These labels can also be asset tracking, serial numbers, transaction labels, pallet labels, warehouse labels, pharmacy labeling, or event match tickets.

Demirbaş, varlık, ürün etiketi silver mat
Assets Label Solutions

Our long-lasting, durable, high-quality silver matte labels for asset labeling, asset labeling, stock control inventory can be followed by EGEN BARKOD quality and assurance.

EPSON Mat Kuşe Etiket
Printed Label Solutions

In order to make the labels on the package more vivid and visible, we can meet your color printed label needs with our expert team and high performance printing machines.

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