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Our Barcode Label Types

What is the Barcode Label?

The label is intended to regulate the information flow and the barcode system to operate in series. The barcode is a combination of bar and code words, meaning bar-line in English, indicating the language mechanism that can be read by machines. Barcode label is an application that allows automatic identification of productions through barcode symbols.

In the label industry, barcode labels are often produced using waste materials. However, our company, which is in the label sector and produces barcode labels for the manufacturing companies, approaches barcode label production with a different perspective from the sector.EGEN BARKOD, able to carry out barcode label production with the desired size and paper quality by using quality raw materials imported from Europe.

What are the Benefits of Barcode Label for Manufacturers?

Our company provides many benefits to manufacturer companies with International Quality Management Certified barcode labels. These can be listed as follows:

– The production and warehouse costs are monitored more easily.

– Product input and output, production movements, stock status and quality control stages can be followed instantly and easily.

– Inspection of the products brings with it the increase of product quality and production can be monitored as required by ISO standards.

– Product deliveries can be made on time as a result of fast and accurate operation.

– Cost savings can be reduced and productivity can be increased by providing labor and space savings in the enterprise.

Barcode Label Types for Product

We do production by taking into consideration the fact that the stickers do not harm your products, preserving the printing on the label in the storage conditions, preserving their durability for a long time or leaving the adhesive surface easily / hard, and offer the most economical way for you.

Barcode Label Types for Products

Security Barcode Labels

Tamper-proof labels are used to prevent unauthorized access and to provide evidence of product replacement. You can add warranty information and expiry date information with various security labels, and you can obtain the most effective method for protecting package integrity with EGEN BARKOD quality and assurance.

Security Barcode Label Types
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