Colored Barcode Labels

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Colorful Barcode Labels

Bright colors are one of the most common ways to draw attention to your materials or products. Vivid, bright yellow, orange, red and green fluorescent labels can be made to any extent. Make it easy to see your most important messages, products or situations with EGEN BARKOD quality and assurance.

Adhesive Options

For the top yellow, orange, green, and red labels, you can determine the adhesive property that you can get efficiency in your applications. You can match the adhesive property with the desired top material. Egen Barcode produces with raw material according to your preference, sector and needs.

Water Based Acrylic Adhesive

Water-based acrylic adhesive is the most preferred standard adhesive for general barcode label uses. If you do not need an aggressive adhesive and the surface to be bonded is not rough, the standard acrylic adhesive is suitable for you.

Rubber Based Hotmelt Adhesive

Rubber based hotmelt adhesive is a durable and durable adhesive for hard surfaces. You can choose for case label applications, rough surface label applications and applications requiring outdoor durability.

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    EGEN BARKOD has 20 years of knowledge and experience as a label and ribbon manufacturer and also we continue produce without compromising on quality. We provide primarily service to Turkey and also vairous countries of the world. Apart from labels and ribbons, we are proud of distributor ZEBRA brand printers, spare parts and consumable products. In addition, we provide full support to our customers who buy printers from us, and offer instant solutions to any problems.


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