Care Labels

White Satin, Heavy or Light Washing Label

Care Labels

Washing instructions; Product information, content information, manufacturer, importer information, which includes the product information to the user, the label is produced by printing on various types of fabrics. If you comply with the information given on the care label, your product will not be damaged. The washing instruction labels have a different structure than the other labels. British satin light – black, japanese non – flowing light and heavy wash labels and RICOH ribbons are available.

Satin Care Labels

Satin labels, It is woven with combed yarns made from 100% cotton fibers and with a high quartile bonded satin weave. In general, underwear and knitwear manufacturing companies prefer other types of clothing can be used as well. One of the most important features of the satin label is that it has a glossy surface, not a matte finish. There are varieties such as light wash, black label.

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