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Since 2010 we have undertaken the distributorship of POLYONICS (USA) which is one of the world’s leading label makers, resistant to high temperatures and difficult conditions. Polyonics labeling materials show resistance to heat in the range of -193 ° C to +600 ° C, as well as quartz materials, solvents and scratch resistant materials. There are printing features such as thermal transfer, dot matrix, laser and pen. At the same time, they have high reading values even in the scanner. As top material; Polyamide, Polyetherimide, Polyenaphthalate, Polyester, Nylon and Aluminum are being used. They can be semi-gloss, high gloss and matte depending on your preference. There are also background prints in various colors. Heat resistant special, Heat resistant special, fixed, removable acrylic and silicone adhesive are available.

Main product groups: They are classified under THERMOGARD, TRIBOGARD, METALGARD, WIRECARD, STATIC DISSIPATIVE and PRODUCT SENTRY. Polyonics iso 9001: 2000, Reach, RoHS, Pfos, Weee certified and Halogen Free products.

BOEING, INTEL, IBM, MOTOROLA, HP etc. Used by corporate world giants.

Polyonics Inc., established in 1995, is acknowledged by many as a global leader in high performance label and tag materials. Our thermal trasfer printable coating come in a wide variety of colors and finishes.Multipe durable adhesive and flexible liners are available for many application. Polyonics supports the major label and narrow web converters across the globe that specialize in engineered solutions for electronics, electrical, aerospace, aircraft and automotive industries In addition to the larger manufacturers, we supply and support smaller innovative label companies in their respective specialty markets.

polyonics labelsTHERMOGARD

Our THERMOGARD product line represent the high-temperature label materials offered for applications that are used in electronics, electrical, automotive and aerospace. A variety of substrates, multiple colours, finishes and thickness are available to fit your application requirement. Polyonics label materials meet a wide variety of MIL-STD’s, UL recognition and ASTM standards and have been approved in independent outside laboratories for other unique specifications. Our label materials are compliant with the specifications set forth by REACH, RoHS,PFOS,WEEE, and are Halogen Free.

polyonics metalgardMETALGARD

Our METALGARD product line provides printable off the shelf, cost effective label solutions designed to withstand the harshest manufacturing conditions including 600° C ( 1112 °F) temperatures of steel and aluminum manufacturing and even stand up to long term exposure to temperature.

Thermal Transfer Printable, Supports Track and trace, Extreme Thermal Resistance, Cost Effective


TRIBOGARD label technology allows any charge generated on a label to dissipate virtually immediately. These label materials withstand a wide range of harsh chemicals, solvents and manufacturing temperatures up to 325 °C ( 617 °F). The surface resistivity is > 10 ohms. TRIBOGARD pressure sensitive labels protect printed circuit board components from static discharge events during label application and label life.


These label materials are ideal in electrical applications for wire and cable marking as well as general use applications such as: terminal marking, tubing, vial or slide labeling especially where the part has a curved or contoured surface. This five mil nylon material can be thermal transfer, dot matrix or write-on printable and have a temperature range of -40 to 145°C ( 239 °F )


Polyonics single coated, linered tapes are offered in three materials; polyimide, polyester and aluminum. Each material comes in a variety of configurations to provide the necessary level of thermal protection for a wide variety of applications. Electrostatic dissipative (ESD) and halogen-free flame retardant tapes are also available.

The performance of engineered tapes is heavily influenced by temperature and its impact on the tape’s dimensions. The chart at right illustrates this relationship for polyimide (PI) and polyester (PET) tapes. The less dimensional change a material exhibits at elevated temperatures the better it will perform at those temperatures. Careful selection of the right tape for each application is imperative.

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Medical, Laboratory and Cryogenic Labels


Polyonics manufactures a family of 127µm (15mil) Nylon label materials for use in laboratory and cryogenic (freezer storage) applications. The materials include durable print surfaces that can be printed via thermal transfer, dot matrix or hand marker. They are available in two grades of Nylon and pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA), tested and approved by third party laboratories for use on glass tubes and slides, along with polypropylene tubes, vials, etc. in liquid nitrogen exposure to -196°C (-320°F).

Highly Reflective Substrates for Lighting Labels


Polyonics manufactures highly reflective white substrates for use in lighting applications involving LEDs and LED-related flex circuits. The materials include polyimide films and durable top coats that, depending on the severity of the process, provide and maintain high reflectivity values (85+%) over a wide range of temperatures and exposure to chemicals.

Polyonics has a variety of standard highly reflective, flexible substrates available for evaluation and can also formulate custom substrates to best fit the specifications of each project.